4 Great Dog Breeds for Apartment Living


Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t experience the great pleasures of owning a dog. While some dog breeds need a great deal of exercise and plenty of room to run around, others have low energy levels and are perfect for apartment living. So, if you’re a dog lover who lives in an apartment or condo, Hussain al Nowais recommends choosing one of the following dog breeds:

  1. Mastiff – While Mastiffs are a larger breed, their gentle temperament and moderate energy level make them the perfect companion for someone living in an apartment or condo. They are very friendly, calm and quiet dogs that love being with people and prefer the comforts of home. Mastiffs tend to drool, so be sure to have paper towels and cleaning products handy to keep your walls and surfaces clean.
  1. Pekingese – An imperial dog originally from China, the Pekingese is a social and quiet breed that requires little exercise. While they like lots of love, they won’t mind being left alone while you’re at work and will likely relax and sleep the day away until you return. They also make great watch dogs, without being super yappy. The breed’s flat face makes them prone to respiratory distress, so be sure to keep the apartment at a comfortable, cool temperature.
  1. French Bull Dog – Their small size and quite temperament make the French Bull Dog a popular choice among apartment dwellers. Frenchies are friendly, have a short coat that’s easy to maintain, and don’t require a lot of exercise. Similar to the Pekingese, you want maintain a cool, comfortable environment for your Frenchie.
  1. Greyhound – A greyhound’s ability to run up to 45 miles per hour may make you believe they need tons of exercise and space. However, they are laidback dogs are content spending most of their time curled up on the couch. A short walk is sufficient exercise for a greyhound. Better yet, greyhounds don’t bark a lot and their short, smooth coats make grooming a breeze.

Which apartment-friendly dog breed is your favorite?